Prepare for Back to School from Impressions Salon of Farmingdale

So….. school is starting in about four weeks and you still need to schedule a haircut four you child. Whether a high school student or a kindergartner, we the hairdressers at “Impression Salon” can help you and your children figure out how hair works ---for an individual’s needs.

A hairstyle should work with a person’s hair type and not against it. It is always important to go with the natural grain of the person’s hair. You will find that any big changes means more time each morning in your hairstyling routine: a stress that you can do without.

 If you want to start with some small changes, cutting in bangs, can do wonders.

Teens should learn how to use some hair styling tools such as curling irons, Velcro rollers, hot rollers, flat iron or a blow dryer.

 So come on in to “Impressions Salon” we can offer you directions on which products, such as gel, mousse, smoothing products, curl enhancer, shine spray or sculpting lotion to use to get your desired results and your hair in shape each day. 


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